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Starter class

This class, Starter, provides a convenient way to set up and start a Flask web application with a custom configuration. To use the Starter class, simply import it and call the ignite method with the desired configuration parameters. The ignite method sets up logging, configures the profile, and starts the application execution.

from openfabric_pysdk.starter import Starter

if __name__ == '__main__':
Starter.ignite(debug=False, host="", port=5000),

ignite(debug: bool, host: str, port=5000, remote: str = None)

debugA boolean flag indicating whether the application runs in debug mode or not.bool
hostThe hostname to bind the application to (e.g., '' for all available network interfaces).str
portThe port number on which the application listens for incoming
remoteThe URL of the remote server or service that the application interacts with.str
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