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Openfabric SDK is a technical tool that allows developers to build their own AI applications and deploy them on the Openfabric marketplace. It is a set of libraries and frameworks that facilitate the deployment of applications to the marketplace.

Developers figure out the inputs, configurations (defaults), and outputs of an application and then with the help of a few commands, the toolkit creates the file structure necessary to work on. After working on the two functions related to configuration and execution, a developer can deploy the application to the marketplace. It can also be tested and run locally.

Openfabric sdk also provide the functionality of compressing the files that can be easily uploaded to the marketplace and a developer can run their app there. The ontology files can be manipulated to change or add restrictions, validations, and other descriptions to the UI of the application.

The good part about using this sdk is you don't need to create UI, you just need to know what are the inputs, configurations, and outputs of your application and the sdk will create the UI for you.


To install the python library, run the following command in your terminal:

$ pip install openfabric-pysdk
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