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Openfabric is a new Layer1 protocol that enables the creation of new AI applications. As Bitcoin and Ethereum this is based on math, computer science, and cryptography deep research.

This section is providing in-depth explanation of the core concepts and mechanisms behind Openfabric protocol.

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence has promised to reshape our society in many unique ways through a new technological revolution, and the impetus created by innovations like self-driving cars, real-time voice assistants, and other similar products has formulated a new axiom: everything around us has to be smart. Current market expectations are accelerating demands for AI-based solutions, but progress has been slowed due to high implementation costs, integration problems, and technical meta-complexity. However, there are several global communities of developers, researchers, and innovators who are working round-the-clock to solve real, complex problems. Harnessing the power of community-driven progress could be the key to extending the current boundaries.

The current paper presents Openfabric, an ecosystem which aims to encourage these communities to unite, monetize their intellectual property, and compete or collaborate to unlock the road that will lead to the Internet of Artificial Intelligence. The Openfabric platform abstracts the technical complexity of AI systems, providing an enhanced user experience and business integration. Through the use of a trusted execution environment and advanced cryptography methods, the underlying framework empowers scalability, guarantees data privacy, and protects intellectual property. Adaptive ontology models create a seamless data integration environment which nurtures cooperation and cross-organization interoperability. Economic activities are coordinated by game theory-inspired rules and a Bayesian reputation system, while the infrastructure is based on a decentralized network governed by a federated blockchain.

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