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The Openfabric Xplorer is a user-friendly decentralized application that allows easy access and interaction with various AI-Apps. It features a simple user interface, facilitates payment processing, AI-App ratings, and computing power rental.

The Openfabric Xplorer is a decentralized application that lists the available AI-Apps and helps you interact with them through a web interface, abstracting all the complexity involved in building and connecting decentralized AI-Apps. It offers a range of features, including processing payments for AI-Apps through MetaMask, conducting AI-Apps ratings, and enabling network participants to rent their computing power for the execution and training of AIs. Additionally, the platform allows users to monetize their datasets that can be utilized for training AI-Apps.

The user interface of the Openfabric Xplorer is designed to be simple and user-friendly, enabling straightforward, non-technical workflows for interactions between end-users and AI applications. This approach ensures that users with varying levels of technical expertise can efficiently navigate and engage with the AI-Apps & services on the platform.

Furthermore, the application is designed to efficiently display all the relevant details quickly without relying on the slow performance of the blockchain. This optimization ensures a smooth and responsive user experience when browsing and interacting with the contents of the marketplace. The following image offers a glimpse into the variety of AI-Apps available on the marketplace.

Openfabric Xplorer

Openfabric Xplorer

The AI Xplorer performs the following functions:

  • Searches, filters, and discovers AI-App services.
  • Displays custom UI components for interaction with AI-Apps, enabling users to quickly build and integrate AI-Apps on the platform.
  • Allows consumers to provide ratings and feedback for the AI-Apps they have used.
  • Captures usage metrics at a consumer level to track and analyze user interactions.
  • Enables users to rent available computing power for AI-App execution and training purposes.
  • Facilitates sharing of datasets that can be utilized for training AI-Apps.

Topics covered:

Publishing AppsThis section of the Openfabric Xplorer documentation provides a straightforward guide on how to quickly and easily share your AI-Apps on the platform.
MetamaskMetaMask is a plugin utilized by the Openfabric platform to enhance user experience and streamline various tasks within the context of the marketplace.
RegistrationOpenfabric Xplorer offers two registration options for users - MetaMask and Openfabric Wallet.
Rating and ReviewsThe rating & reviews feature plays a crucial role in helping users gauge the quality of an app and determine if it meets their specific needs.
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